“To produce quality graduates for sustainable creative business development.”


“To be a learning organization, striving for excellence in academics, professions, communication arts and tourism.”


To produce graduates, academic research and services, preserve arts and cultures and strengthen professions for local development.

1.Provide education for producing skillful graduates in business management, communication arts, and tourism.

2.Create quality research and develop knowledge of business management, communication arts, and tourism.

3. Bring royal plans to academic services for sustainable local development.

4. Conserve, promote, disseminate, develop and support religions, Thai arts and cultures and local wisdom.

5. Develop effective management with good governance principles.

MNS Identity (The Identity of the Faculty of Management Science)

“Desire for good, desire for knowledge, fight for work” has the following meaning;

Desire for good means possess integrity, professional ethnics, sacrifice and a sense of public responsibility and social awareness.

Desire for knowledge means study and research for knowledge to become a person who is knowledgeable in time for change.

Fight for work means be diligent and patient.

Faculty of Management Science Uniqueness

“Excellent management to fulfill the quality of management innovation.”

Shared Values – MNS SWAT

MNS = Management Science Faculty

S = Smart

W = Works

A = Attitude / Ability / Advance / Assurance / Assessment

T = Team

Strategic Issues

Strategy 1: Develop locality

Strategy 2: Enhance the quality of education

Strategy 3: Develop the management systems of the Faculty of Management Science

Strategy 4: Create and develop research and innovation for university, community, local, regional national development

Administrative Structure