Meeting for Board of Committee 2/2022

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Report PLC Success for March 2022

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MNS-STAR Contest the yesr 2022

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Journal 2021

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Academic Cooperation Memorandum Signing Ceremony

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Report Professional Learning Community in 2563

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Getting branch

Course Programs


     Our program is designed to produce graduates who have knowledge of accounting principles, posses analytical tools and practical knowledge and skills to make suitable decision, be flexible and competent in solving accounting, financing and related business problems and have positive attitude towards the
Degree Title : Accounting Professions./ B.Acc.(Accounting) 
Job Opportunities : Fiancial Auditor/Investment Analyst/Financial Analyst/Fund Manager/Financial Officer/Risk Manager/Credit Analyst/Business Relationship Manager/Marketing Officer/Entrepreneur/Investment Consultant.
TEL : 0-3272-0536 ต่อ 1515









     This course focuses on problem-solving, strategy and planning, communication and marketing, interpersonal relations and technology. Through a combination of theory and application students will learn to develop strong business strategies and tactics, as well as techniques on how to implement them.  Students will be able to analyze management processes as well as the role businesses play in a high tech global economy.
Degree Title : Bachelor of Business Administration (General Management) /(B.B.A. in General Management)
Job Opportunities : Business Analyst/Administrative Executive/Relationship Manager/Business Data Analyst/Business Administrator/Associate Business Analyst/Business Reporter/Information Systems Managers/Human Resource Managers/Business Consultant

TEL : 0-3272-0536 ต่อ 1515









    The BBA in Digital Business management provides the creative and technical skills for students to work within the growing need for digital industry. Taught by working professionals each semester, students will learn the digital applications and develop the personal and professional skills required to succeed in the future.

Degree Title : Bachelor of Business Administration (Digital Business Management) /(B.B.A. in Digital Business Management)
Job Opportunities : Digital Entrepreneurs/Business Data Analyst and Designer/Digital Marketer/Website and Application Developer/IT Supporter/Digital Business Analyst and Planner/Social Media Coordinator or Manager/
Project Management Officer Computer Officer
TEL : 0-3272-0536 ต่อ 1515









    This course mainly focuses on the concept related to marketing in the business sector and management skills which are very significant in the business world. In this course, there will be training plus the practical experience in the form of case projects, presentations, industrial visits and internships. Students will learn how to understand customer needs, develop value propositions to satisfy them, and then use a range of traditional and digital marketing communication tools to communicate value propositions to your target customers and other stakeholders.
Degree Title : Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing) /(B.B.A. in Marketing)

Job Opportunities : Marketing Specialist/Marketing Manager/Project Manager/Marketing Analyst/Content Marketer/Web Content Writer/Advertising Manager/Event and Public Relation Officer
TEL : 092-376-5944/admin TEL: 093-598-9291
ID Line : jaijai1982








Communication Arts and Media Innovation

Our program offers a strategic communication focus and creative thinking. This program emphasizes both theory and practice from interpersonal communication to mass communication. The student will learn the secret to creative and strategic communication with our practical curriculum and experience professors.
Degree Title : Bachelor of Communication Arts (Communication Arts and Media Innovation)/B.Com.Arts.
Job Opportunities : Journalist and News Editor/News Reporter and TV Anchor/Creative Visualizer/Content Developer/Communication Specialist/Media Planner and Event Coordinator/Strategic Communication Planner/Public Relations and Campaign Manager/Scriptwriter Proof-reader
TEL : 0-3272-0536 ต่อ 1515









    The BA in Tourism and Hospitality provides an ideal opportunity for both individuals wanting to prepare themselves for career in the hospitality and tourism industry locally and internationally. The course is designed to train learners for the jobs of the future and to develop their knowledge of theories applicable to management in the tourism and hospitality industry. It enables learners to make well-informed and confident decisions about the management of work areas in the tourism and hospitality industry.
Degree Title : Bachelor of Arts (Tourism and Hospitality)/B.A. in Tourism and Hospitality
Job Opportunities : Travel Entrepreneur/Travel Consultant/Flight Attendant/Spa and Resort Owner/Hotel Manager/Hotel Coordinator/Guest Relationship Executive/Front Office Executive
TEL : 0-3272-0536 ต่อ 1515 








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